• Ages 5 to 10 Group A 
  • Ages 11 to 17 Group B 
  • Ages 18 to 30 Group C 
  • Ages 31 & UP  Group D  ​

* All groups will be training on Runway, Photoshoots, Make-up & Hair, Self esteem tips, Table & Social manners and also how to Audition for Movies & Commercials and Health and Fitness

Miss Primavera USA is one of the premier training programs for our YOUNGEST & BRIGHTEST upcoming stars in the LATINA communities... We have team up with some of  the most talented Makeup artist, Hairartist & Skin care professionals in the industry; Which makesour program one of the most ELITE in the WORLD... Working  with this team you will EXPERIENCE things you only DREAM of!!!

Beginning program Starts at $350 for 3 months 2 hour sessions once a week 

Advance program $500 3 months 2 hours once a week (include model portfolio with 10 pictures and your personal app) the app will have all of your career in the palm of your hands..

​​Miss PrimAVERA usa